Fundraising Prizes: Raise Money, Win Things


We all love bowling, but our main goal with The Dude Hates Cancer is to raise money and eventually cure cancer. That’s why we reward our participants with fundraising prizes for their fundraising efforts rather than for their exploits on the lanes.

All participants that raise additional money for our cause outside of their registration fee stand to win great prizes in our fundraising competition. We’re in the process of collecting fundraising prizes from generous businesses for this year’s event, and as they come in we’ll post them here to whet your fundraising appetites.

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Coming soon.
Coming soon.
Any participant that raises over $100 for the cause is automatically entered into the fundraising raffle, where they can win any number of great prizes. The more you raise, the more chances you get!

  • Every $100 raised: 1 ticket in the fundraising raffle
  • Funds raised must be recorded online (on personal fundraising pages) by TBD at 12:00 noon.
  • You will receive your raffle tickets when you check in at the tournament, and we will draw winners during both sessions.

Prizes include

Kevin Love Autographed Jersey

Pabst Blue Ribbon Electric Guitar

Buckeye Vodka Gift Basket

More Coming Soon

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