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We’re very excited to be bringing The Dude Hates Cancer to Cleveland this year! TDHC, which began in Philadelphia and has spread to other cities (Buffalo, Los Angeles, San Francisco), is a Lebowski-themed fundraising campaign that culminates in a laid-back bowling tournament, all of which raises money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Since its inception, The Dude Hates Cancer has raised over half a million dollars for LLS and is now an official campaign of the organization.

The ethos behind this fundraising campaign is to provide a relaxed, Dude-like outlet for well-intentioned achievers who want to do something about cancer. That’s why we end with a bowling tournament. We can’t imagine The Dude partaking in a long-distance run or attending a fancy soiree to raise money, but he most certainly would bowl. And so that’s what we’ll do. Right here in Cleveland.

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